ServiceCore Features

All-in-One Business Management Software

You want to book more jobs, make more money, AND have more free time? If you manage your liquid waste business with ServiceCore, it’s not a pipe dream.

We built our software from the ground up to help septic, grease trap cleaning, roll-off rental, and portable restroom rental businesses run smoother in the field and in the office.

Customer management

Customer management software

Keep track of your entire client base with easy-to-use customer management tools.
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Customer relationship management

Store important customer records with details including address, payment information and status, general notes, and much more. We make it easy to deliver excellent customer service.

Site management

Simplify onsite visits with job site records that match your unique needs: septic tank & lid specs, drain field location, notes, and more.

Job creation

Efficiently create, schedule,track, and complete jobs online. Assign customers multiple service locations so you can better manage your bigger clients.

Customer search

Quickly find customers by name, company, address, city, zip, phone or email, making it easy to reference job details.

Job management

Never miss an upcoming job or unit service thanks to reminder notifications and our unique “Repeat Jobs” feature.

Business insight

Business insight software

Gain all the analytical data you need to effectively run and manage your business.
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Business intelligence dashboard

See how your business is performing at a glance! Get information about paid and unpaid invoices, jobs schedule, billing reminders, and revenue.

Remote access

Technicians can go paperless and use ServiceCore in the field, helping them complete jobs faster. Specify job requirements while on the go, take notes and complete jobs.
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Business reports

View and print detailed operational reports that break down metrics for business and technician performance. Track your jobs, volumes, driver efficiency, and revenue.

Responsive design

Access our cloud-based application on whatever device you prefer, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. Our software is accessible wherever you are!

Inventory reports

Manage all non-serial and serial inventory online. Use the inventory calendar to keep tabs on which units are in use or available.

Inventory Rental Map

Keep better track of your customer inventory and site specific rentals with the inventory map.

Software integrations

Software integrations software

Securely transfer over your data with no issues, duplicates, or wasted time.
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QuickBooks integration

No need to switch back and forth between programs. ServiceCore software and your existing QuickBooks account data integrate seamlessly.

Data import

ServiceCore offers a painless method for importing data from previous systems. We will migrate all your data into our software so you can try it out yourself.

Schedule and route management

Schedule and route management software

Save valuable time using optimized routes and pre-scheduled jobs.
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Color coded scheduling

Quickly assign the right job to the right technician by dragging and dropping jobs to a driver’s schedule and organizing jobs by territory.

Worry-free scheduling

View driver routes by day or week in order to plan better, more efficient routes. Get printable, stop-by-stop driving directions for an entire route or service location so drivers always stay on track.

Site Geo Locations

Enter the site address or drop a pin on the map to mark the service location. Once you drop a pin, you will get the exact latitude and longitude, making it easier for your drivers to get to the location.

Route optimization & route recommendation

Plan your schedules ahead of time and find the fastest routes to your daily service locations to reduce wear on your equipment, improve fuel efficiency, and save time and money. Read more here →

Work history tracking

Create a safe, secure, and accessible data log for unscheduled, scheduled, and completed jobs sorted by customer. It also helps you track technician performance and schedules.

GPS Tracking

Track the location of your drivers in real time through their smartphone or mobile device. Down the road, we plan to add further functionality so you can track your technicians’ driving behavior, frequent stops, and more.

Accounting and invoicing

Accounting and invoicing software

Handle all customer billing and payment information in one platform.
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Faster invoicing

Get paid faster by creating, sending, and printing invoices. You can do this by using batch recurring billing, recording payments, and viewing past due and unpaid invoices online. You can also use the invoice overlay to ensure your customers are billed for every job.

Credit card processing

ServiceCore is fully integrated with CardConnect so that you can accept credit card payments directly and securely at a more affordable rate.
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Dynamic pricing

Assign different rates per inventory and save them so you have quick access to guidelines during invoicing.

Class settings

Track all of your transactions and income by assigning classes and separating them as you see fit.

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