Field Service Software Business Operations

How Septic Software Helps Streamline Business Operations

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Integrated software solutions are becoming more and more popular for business. If you’ve experienced the headache caused by using multiple applications or computer programs to manage your scheduling, invoicing, credit card processing, and customer information, you’re probably aware of some of the benefits of using a single software solution. According to research, the time that users spend clicking from app …

Field Service Local Marketing Guide

8 Ways to Attract New Septic Customers With Local Marketing

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Getting new customers is a challenge for any small business. It’s probably obvious that any septic service company needs to market to their local area, but you may be unclear about how to develop an effective local marketing strategy. In this post, we share eight simple ways to use local marketing to attract new customers, keep existing ones, and grow …

What Can I Do to Help Keep My Septic Data Safe?

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Because web-based storage providers such as Google, Apple, and Amazon don’t own your data (they merely own the online “container” where your information is stored), you are an important part of protecting your septic data when using online software products. When using online systems like ServiceCore septic software, here are simple steps you can take to protect your customer data …

Is My Septic Data Safe in the Cloud?

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What is the cloud? You hear a lot about “the cloud” these days. Many software companies, including ServiceCore septic software, use the cloud to store information. Basically, cloud computing refers to storing and accessing data through the internet instead of on your home computer or an internal server. The term “cloud” is also misleading as it implies that your septic …

Clear Computing and 1bg Merge to Form ServiceCore

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  Clear Computing and 1bg are excited to announce this merger. The new company, ServiceCore, combines Clear Computing’s decades of experience in the septic, grease, and portable industries with 1bg’s proven expertise in SaaS software. The two companies decided on the merge in order to bring the best minds in development, web design, and customer service together. ServiceCore is dedicated …