Fats Oil & Grease (FOG) Software to Grow Your Business

Scheduling, invoicing, and accounting software for easier management of your grease trap cleaning operations

You’re always looking for more restaurant contracts and grease trap cleaning jobs to grow your septic pumping business. What’s holding you back?

Are you planning your driver’s routes as efficiently as possible? Are you or your pumpers wasting time on tedious tasks in the process of filling out forms, invoicing, dumping, and accounting?

Even well managed grease trap cleaning operations can get dragged down by time wasting processes. A few minutes here and there take away hours every week that could go toward servicing more restaurant customers.

ServiceCore Fats, Oil & Grease (FOG) business software will help you speed up and simplify all your back-office and on-site tasks so you have more time for new customers.

ServiceCore FOG software customized to your needs

With restaurant grease regulations tightening, disposal costs on the rise, and plenty of competition out there, you already have enough challenges.

You need a business software solution that saves you time and money and gives you a leg up on the competition.

ServiceCore is custom tailored to the septic pumping and grease trap cleaning business.

Our software is designed to fit your unique workflow and accounting needs, whether you focus mainly on grease trap jobs or they only represent a small part of your septic business.

What you asked for ➡️ What we delivered
QuickBooks-friendly ➡️ ServiceCore works seamlessly with QuickBooks
Simplicity ➡️ A simple layout that naturally matches your workflow
Versatility ➡️ Easy Management of septic and grease jobs


ServiceCore can help you with customer management, software integration, accounting/invoicing, route planning and more. With features like repeat jobs, service reminders and calendar notifications, you will never miss a service or maintenance call for your big clients.

We also seamlessly integrate all of your existing data into our system. If you have Quickbooks or another accounting software, we can import your current information and you can avoid the chore of double data entry.

Check out ServiceCore’s Full Feature Page to find out more about how our software can help you save time and grow your business with grease trap cleaning jobs.

Customer management

Track service jobs, manage customer jobs and set reminder, repeat and recurring jobs so you never lose track of a job for an important customer.

Business intelligence dashboard

Track and manage the numbers that matter most to your business from a one-page dashboard that’s easy to view on a desktop or mobile device.

Software integration.

We’ll work with you to seamlessly import all of your financial records and permanently cut out the double data entry. Now you can manage your profit and data all in one place.

Scheduling and route optimization.

Plan your schedules ahead of time and find the fastest routes to your daily job sites to reduce wear on your equipment, improve fuel efficiency, and save time and money.

Accounting and invoicing.

Use our credit card processing machine to get paid faster and securely. You can also manage your estimates, invoices and payments all in one place to cut down on the time it takes to sort through client information.

Responsive support

Our team of software developers are constantly working to improve and enhance the software so ServiceCore is improving every day.

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Software Solutions, Route Optimizations, and Inventory Management for Fat, Oil, and Grease Companies

Software Solutions, Route Optimizations, and Inventory Management for Septic, Portable Toilet Rental, Grease Trap Cleaning, and Roll-Off Rental Companies.

We want our customers to feel confident in our grease service software.

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