Work Order Dashboard for Liquid Waste Industry and
Dumpster Rental Businesses

Only available in TAC

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Are all of your work orders closed and invoiced?

The Work Order Dashboard feature in the ServiceCore BID Station (only available with TAC) gives you a view of work orders being processed this week and last week.

You need to know which orders are closed and which are still open. We give you the tools to quickly and easily manage all recent orders from a single view.

We help you track productivity by putting all of the following at your fingertips:

➡️ Totals
➡️ Work Order Count
➡️ Hours
➡️ # Closed
➡️ # Invoiced
➡️ Amount Charged
➡️ Estimated Pre-Tax Profit
➡️ Filter by Day, Driver, Work Order Type

Who Needs Help Tracking Work Orders?

The work order dashboard is one of the valuable business intelligence tools built into the BID Station tablet app. We’ve helped businesses in a wide range of industries cut precious minutes and hours out of their daily productivity tracking routines:

➡️ Septic Pumpers
➡️ Portable restroom rental companies
➡️ Grease trap cleaners
➡️ Roll-off dumpster rental companies
If you’re not using our software, you’re losing time and money on work order tracking! Hundreds of companies in the liquid waste and waste container rental industries are already using BID Station to streamline unavoidable and important business management tasks.

We want to show you the difference we can make in your operations.
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Software Solutions, Route Optimizations, and Inventory Management for Septic, Portable Toilet Rental, Grease Trap Cleaning, and Roll-Off Rental Companies.

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