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Accepting credit cards can be complicated, but it doesn't have to be.

That is why ServiceCore has partnered with CardConnect to offer the best-in-class payment technology for our customers looking to ensure accepting debit and credit card payments is always simple, secure and affordable.

The best part? This solution is directly integrated with ServiceCore, providing your business with a single source solution!

So Much To Love!

Make Payments Easier
Our combined solution covers all payment channels through a single application so you can receive a payment from anywhere at anytime.

Secure All Transactions
Make sure that every transaction is protected with the best of the best in security technology. CardConnect offers the ultimate data breach protection and PCI scope reduction.

Get Instant Alerts
Instant notifications will ensure you never miss important alerts like when a card is declined or your bank account is funded. Plus all issues will be recorded in a digital statement.

Accept All Payments
You can accept all of the major payment methods including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Debit, ACH, EBT, gift cards and even NFC (Apple Pay).

Find the Lowest Rates
Interchange rates are aggressively managed and the technology automatically includes Level 2 and Level 3 data with a transaction so that you qualify for the lowest rate possible every time.

Align your business with the pioneer of payment security.

Protect all of your transactions with the industry-leading PCI-Certified security solutions.


The only solution for full data breach protection and PCI scope reduction.

Intelligent Tokenization

The CardConnect patented tokenization method produces mathematically irreversible tokens that secure your merchants’ payment channels and diminish PCI scope.

PCI-Certified Vault

Creates secure profile records for each customer and stores them in an ultra secure, offsite PCI compliant environment.

To view the entire list of features that ServiceCore offers, check out our Features page or schedule a live demo today!
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ServiceCore partnered with CardConnect to provide superior payment technology and merchant services to streamline and simplify the way you do business.

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Why wait? Get the optimal payment solution today!

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Why wait? Get the optimal payment solution today!

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