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Employee Spotlight: Cryptocurrency Creator, Andy O’Brien

September 18, 2018

Meet Our Lead Software Engineer, Andy O’Brien! 1. What’s your job title at ServiceCore? Lead Software Engineer ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 2. Tell […]

Company News

Employee Spotlight: Former Jaeger Girl, Jana McKay

September 11, 2018

Meet Our Product Manager, Jana McKay! 1. What’s your job title at ServiceCore? I am the Product Manager at ServiceCore. […]


Feature Release: Click to Pay

September 10, 2018

ServiceCore is excited to announce the release of our latest feature, click to pay. This feature will allow your customers […]

Company News

Employee Spotlight: Yoga Enthusiast, Eric Salisbury

September 5, 2018

Meet Our TAC Operations Manager, Eric Salisbury! 1. What’s your job title at ServiceCore? Sometimes I’m called the TAC Operations Manager. […]


Feature Release Update: August 2018

August 31, 2018

In the month of August, ServiceCore released a ton of new features! Find out how you can use these features […]


ServiceCore Mobile App Updates

August 7, 2018

The ServiceCore mobile app was recently updated for both Android and iOS users. The app has been completely re-written from […]


Meet One of the Only Female Pumpers in Southern Arizona

August 6, 2018

This month, Servicecore decided to spotlight an influential person that works in the liquid waste industry — Sherri Peterson. Sherri […]


Feature Release Update: July 2018

July 30, 2018

The ServiceCore team released some awesome new features during the month of July. Check out all of the latest features […]

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Employee Spotlight: Viral Video Star, Harrison Wallin

July 24, 2018

Meet ServiceCore’s Lead Front-End Developer, Harrison Wallin! 1. What’s your job title at ServiceCore? Lead Front-End Developer 2. Tell us […]

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Employee Spotlight: App Inventor, Jonathan Greene

July 13, 2018

Meet One of ServiceCore’s Senior Software Engineers, Jonathan Greene! 1. What’s your job title at ServiceCore? Senior Software Engineer 2. […]