Five Industry Office Tips 



Five Industry Office Tips


Running a sanitation business has many everyday challenges. Running the office efficiently is a key aspect in succeeding to grow and retain business. Here are a few tips to help ensure your office is running like a well oiled machine:

Man the phones

  • Be sure to have employees working AM and PM hours that your business is advertised as open. A customer who Googles your hours and places a call will expect a person to answer, not a machine. 


Keep ’em separated

  • Each office staff should have a main job and try to avoid overlap with other employees. This saves time, increases production, and helps employees feel valued in their roles.


Ditch the paper

  • This tip cannot be stressed enough. Paper trails and piles are not only unsightly, but also massive stress inducers. Can’t find that customer number on that stray yellow Post-It? Consider a software program to consolidate all info into one platform. Customer profiles, site addresses, future rentals. All can be found in a few clicks and saved and stored securely through programs like ServiceCore (shameless plug). 


Check the attitude

  • Nothing ruins office morale more than that one sour apple. Yes, everyone has everyday life and stress. Entering into an industry office only adds to that. Whether a truck broke, driver called off, or you’re low on inventory, there’s always something going wrong. The real test is your ability to handle it all without yelling, negativity, or blame. 


Prioritize everything 

  • Use a to-do list for each day, week, month, or beyond to help keep focused and on top of the jobs at hand. Remember a good list constantly have jobs completed and jobs added. That means your business is operating and growing; exactly what every pumper wants.