What’s New in the Luxury Toilet Space?


The world has been flipped upside down this year. As we are in the home stretch of 2020 we checked in with our industry-leading partner, Ameri-Can, to see where they see the industry currently and what to expect in the years to come.

Past, Present & Future

American foresees continued growth in portable sanitation trailers. The market has been trending upwards for several years and continues to do so. The luxury market all but collapsed this year due to COVID-19 and the cancellation of most large gatherings. However, the demand for portable restroom showers and commercial trailers has stayed strong. American believes there will be a strong return to luxury trailers by 2022.

What’s new in the luxury toilet space?

1. Continued development of ADA Compliant and Handicap Accessible models of trailers. Finding ways to offer a superior customer experience for all clients in an easy to set up and move portable trailer is a challenge.

2. Smart trailers. Ameri-can is working with thier partners on a smart system called Ameri-Connect. This system will use AI and IoT to predict water usage, level of waste tanks, and quickly diagnose service issues of the HVAC or lighting system. The system will help cut down on service calls and unnecessary servicing of trailers. 

Let’s Dig a Little Deeper

Ameri-can has several winterization packages for cold weather use. These packages include options such as interior heat and fresh and waste tank heat. The most common packages are Cold Weather Package, Electric Arctic Package, and Propane Arctic Package. For winterization during storage, all of our trailers come standard with winterization drains that allow the full system to be blown out with compressed air and then non-toxic RV antifreeze to be pumped through the system.


Ameri-can does not currently install barcodes. It is something that they would like to work with their customers on. Most of Ameri-can’s customers add something for their tracking system: barcode, QR, or trailer number that works with their software.

Warranty is Important

Having a good warranty is very important! Ameri-can offers a multi-component warranty. 1 year comprehensive, 2 years on most major components, 5 years on tank, 5 years on frame, 6 years on tires, 7 years on axles, and limited lifetime on the floor.