Must have Software Features for the Portable Toilet Industry 

Must have Software Features for the Portable Toilet Industry 

By Joy Weber

Not all software is created equal. In order to help you find the software that is right for your company, ServiceCore has put together a list of features you should look for. Optimize your business to its full capacity by managing your inventory, customers, and billing all in one place.

1. Customer Management

It is important when looking at the customer management features of your software that you can record and track information including address, payment information, payment status, general notes, and more. At a minimum you will want to make sure your software has the following capabilities:

  • Business performance summary
  • Service job tracking
  • Customer job tracking
  • Repeat and recurring job setup

2. Scheduling Services

A software that can quickly assign the right job to the right driver is a must. You will want the ability to mark the service location and write notes to make it easier for your drivers to get to the location. These are the main scheduling service features you should keep an eye out for:

  • Schedule that you can organize jobs by drivers
  • Set site geo locations using latitude & longitude
  • Work history tracking with time stamps
  • Image attachments that drivers can send to the office

3. Route Optimization

Route optimization lets you plan your schedules ahead of time and find the fastest routes to your service locations. This will help to reduce wear on your equipment, improve fuel efficiency, and save time and money.

  • Route recommendations 
  • Updated maps

4. Inventory Tracking 

Inventory tracking allows you to manage your inventory. This is vital to be able to schedule your future jobs without overbooking.

  • Availability calendar showing what units are available on which dates, and which units are in use

5. Billing 

There are two main focuses when picking software that will make billing easier. The first is a software that offers a 28-day billing cycle. A 28-day billing cycle allows your company to bill 13 cycles every year, rather than 12 which is used for standard monthly billing cycles. The second is being able to accept credit card payments directly and securely.

  • Easy 28-day billing cycle 
  • Credit card processing for your customers to pay quickly
  • Email customer invoices to get paid quicker
  • Batch credit card processing

6. Mobile App 

Having software that offers a mobile app is a game changer. You’ll no longer need to print out paperwork for each job and you can modify a driver’s schedule easily while he is out in the field. Make sure the mobile app is available to work offline for remote locations. The driver should be able to see the dashboard and upload notes or pictures offline.

  • Works offline
  • GPS tracking for drivers
  • Share notes & photos

7. Business Reports

Your software should be able to pull up important analytical data you need to manage your business. You should have the option to view and print detailed operational reports that break down metrics for business and technician performance. A few of the reports you should look for are:

  • Revenue tracking
  • Billing reports
  • Driver analytics