Employee Spotlight: Andrew Trinh

Meet our Junior Engineer, Andrew Trinh!


How long have you worked at ServiceCore?
I started at ServiceCore in January of 2020. So I have been around in the background for just over seven months.

How would you describe your role at the company?
As part of ServiceCore’s Customer Engineering Team, also known as the Technical Support team, I diagnose internal and external issues with the application to fix problems and improve the user’s experience.

Since joining, what improvements have you or the Technical Team done to better serve our customers?
The Customer Support Engineering Team has evolved since I have joined, pulling more of the setup work away from our customers. Namely, we have started our “white glove” initiative to make our customer onboarding process as easy as possible.

What are your favorite things about your team/the company?
My favorite thing about working at ServiceCore is the people. Everyone is great to work with and are knowledgeable in what they do.

What are your favorite hobbies outside of the office?
Outside of the office, I enjoy snowboarding in the winter, spending time with family and friends and trying new things. Reticently I’ve been playing with 3d modeling and printing as well as indoor gardens.

Where are you from?
I am a Colorado native, born and raised.