Employee Spotlight: Gabriel Arrarás

Meet our customer service representative (and head of onboarding), Gabriel Arrarás!

How long have you worked at ServiceCore? I started working at ServiceCore on May 13th, 2019, making it a little over a year since I was hired.

How would you describe your role at the company? In my current role at ServiceCore I help guide our new customers through the onboarding process. From setting up new company accounts to training them on the software, I do my best to ensure each new customer can get up and running successfully.

What are your favorite things about the company ? My favorite thing about ServiceCore is the environment. Not only is it a fun place to work, everyone is very accessible and employee feedback is highly valued.

Since joining, what improvements have you or the CS team to better serve our customers? In the year I’ve worked at ServiceCore our Customer Success team has doubled in size. Additionally, we’ve had our developers provide us with really great tools to better troubleshoot issues our customers experience. 

What are your favorite hobbies outside of the office? I am a huge gamer, so I love to play and watch eSports like League of Legends and Overwatch. I am also a huge basketball fan (GO HEAT!). Since moving to Colorado, however, my latest obsession is skiing. 

Where are you from and what brought you to Colorado? I am originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico. I moved to Colorado after living in Washington, D.C. for six years. My wife got a good job opportunity over in Colorado so that brought me out west.

What’s your favorite story to tell? My stories don’t get much better than the day I proposed to my wife. We were traveling in Japan in 2016. While there, we did an overnight climb of Mt. Fuji. After about 9 hours of climbing the mountain, nervously carrying an engagement ring in my pocket, we made it to the summit just in time to see the sunrise. As the sun started to rise over the sea of clouds I got down on one very shaky and tired knee to propose. Shortly after we asked a very confused Japanese tourist  to take our picture. While I could manage the Japanese phrase to ask for a picture, our guidebook did not have a phrase to explain why my wife was crying. 

Any pets, kids, other cute things you want to share? I have two Olde English Bulldogs named Marvel and Bellatrix! They are two drooly, lovable oafs.