Feature Spotlight: Offline Mode in ServiceCore Mobile App

The ServiceCore team is always hard at work developing new features to ease the burden of running a septic, portable toilet, or dumpster business.

With so many of our users serving rural areas with poor cellular network coverage, we understood that being able to add offline functionality would be a game changer.

If your technician is out on a job in an area with no cell or internet connection, how can they conveniently access a list of inventory/units that they need to service? How can they scan a unit barcode, mark a job as complete, or take notes on the condition of the unit in a way that easily syncs with your business management software? 

We’re excited to let you know that you can do all that and more with the offline capability of the ServiceCore app.

ServiceCore App: Offline Capabilities

Inventory Management

While offline, your technicians can assign units to a rental upon delivery, update usage and condition of units during service jobs, and on pick-up jobs, check units back in to be available for other rental jobs.

Offline GPS

Your technicians can record the GPS coordinates of inventory items while offline. On pick-up jobs, you can check units back in to be available for other rental jobs

How it Works

  • The ServiceCore mobile app is intended to provide the same ServiceCore experience whether a user is online or offline
  • Offline works on both Android and iOS operating systems
  • Technicians must download their inventory while online, before they leave cell phone coverage for offline mode to work
  • Once the technician returns to cell phone coverage, any unsynced information will sync. Your office/operations staff will be able to instantly see the synced changes in the web app version of ServiceCore.

More information

To learn more about using ServiceCore on the go, you can check out our Mobile App feature page or you can visit the Mobile App Overview page in the support section of our website.

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