Hug A Pumper Winner: May 2019 Gift Card Giveaway

It’s that time again. ServiceCore is excited to announce the latest winner in our Hug A Pumper contest!

The nominations piled up over the last six months, and this week we put all the names of every nominated pumper into a Hug A Pumper hat for a drawing. ServiceCore Customer Service Representative, Bridget, had the honor of picking out a winner.

And the winner is….

Hug A Pumper winner, First Choice Septic ServicesMark Riegling of Canadian septic pumping company First Choice Septic Service in Cawston, British Columbia!

Angela Matkovitch nominated Mark and let us know that, despite being a one-man operation with little help running two businesses (First Choice and a separate portable toilet company), he always delivers excellent customer service.

What keeps Mark on top of his game even when the hours get long and the miles are adding up on the odometer of his truck? He knows that he’s found the right job for him and he doesn’t take it for granted.

“I worked in a sawmill for quite a while,” Riegling said. “You get the same paycheck every week. You’re stuck in the same building. Same work, day in and day out. There were good people there, but you see the same people every day.”

As a pumper, he’s always on the move, and always getting to see new places and meet new people in the beautiful western Canadian landscape that surrounds him. It keeps him busy, but it also keeps him happy.

“It’s a little chaotic sometimes,” Riegling told us. “I’m going non-stop nine months of the year. Most days are 12-hour days. I took a half-day to pay taxes recently, but I’m on 47 straight days without a full day off. But it is a rewarding job.”

When asked what makes being a pumper different from the typical job, Mark was quick to recount a few of the memorable situations his job has put him in over the years.

A service call to a movie set ended up being a longer and more interesting job than he was expecting. After servicing a portable toilet unit that was there for the movie crew, he was informed that he’d have to wait to start his truck back up. A horse was being filmed nearby for a lengthy scene and they were worried the sound of the truck would scare it. Mark got to hang out on set for a couple hours and get a good view of what happens behind the scenes on a movie set.

Thanks to his job, Mark also got a close up look at an archaeological dig and got to learn a bit about the history of the local area from the archaeologists that worked there.

Unique moments like these break up the boring old routine and keep the job interesting. They make it easier for Mark to accept all the hard work required to be a successful one-man operation.

We wish Mark lots of success and many more opportunities to go new places, meet new people, learn new things, and to deliver more of that amazing customer service that he’s known for!

Why Hug A Pumper?

It’s hard-working people like Mark that inspire us to keep running the Hug A Pumper contest. There are a lot of pumpers out there that deserve recognition and respect!

If you know a pumper that deserves appreciation for the way they do their job, then head over to and nominate them today. They may just be the next winner!