Assign technicians faster with schedule suggestions

Managing technicians and routes doesn’t have to be difficult. When you need to assign someone to a job, you shouldn’t have to estimate which technician will be closest to a site on a given day.

ServiceCore makes this easy. When creating a rental or job, click the “Schedule suggestion” link. This will display a list of your technicians for that day, sorted by which has a previously scheduled job closest to the new rental or job.

ServiceCore also tracks how many miles to drive and jobs that technician has scheduled for the day.

You can click through different days to see who’s available on each one. Technician locations are also displayed on a simple, clear map.

Schedule suggestions are already helping liquid waste and roll-off rental companies save money and work faster.

“It looks and works great so far — my office is in heaven!” said Kathie Christ of Arrow Septic & Sewer in Woodstock, Ill.

More information

For existing customers, please see our detailed help article with step-by-step instructions on how to use Schedule Suggestion.

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