ServiceCore Team Building – Holiday Edition

ServiceCore team members got together for a holiday celebration and company meeting. During our party, we were able to collaborate and work together to find issues, come up with solutions and set goals for the upcoming year. Then we enjoyed some fun team building activities, including a marketing game and a white elephant gift exchange.

Company Meeting

During the company meeting, our team was able to plan for the future, set development goals/priorities and better understand how to grow efficiently as a company.

John & Larry

John and Larry were excited to get the holiday party started!

Ori tiny hands

Managing Partners John and Ori shared a tiny hand high five.

Team Building Activity

After discussing the company goals, our team sparked up some new ideas on how to improve ServiceCore. Luckily, the Nintendo Switch had a marketing game that made it easy for our team to come up with ServiceCore related problems and craft new solutions.

Kent working

Developer Kent started drawing out his ServiceCore invention.

Jason & Andy

Developers Jason and Andy enjoyed the bonding experience.

Matt presenting

Marketing Specialist Matt shared his invention on how to unplug to create better software.

Harry & Cameron

Developers Harry and Cameron explained how to deal with difficult customers.

Eric presenting

Customer Service Rep Bridget and TAC Operations Manager Eric came up with a ServiceCore love potion that will make customers enjoy our software.. (even more!)

Jana & Sharon

Product Manager Jana and East Coast Team Leader Sharon helped us understand how to stay motivated.

John C & Patrick

Sales Manager John C and Developer Patrick explained how to help our portables customers.

White Elephant

A holiday party wouldn’t be complete without the infamous white elephant gift exchange. During the exchange, team members were given everything from llama piñatas to slippers made out of bread.

Bridget & Pinata

Bridget was stoked to find out her new llama piñata was filled with her favorite candy.

Jonathon & gift

Developer Jonathon enjoyed opening his “Santa bag” full of gifts, which included some slippers carved out of bread.

What We Learned

During our holiday party, the ServiceCore team was able to better understand how to work together to grow as a company. We believe in the motto work hard, play hard, which helps keep our company motivated and thriving. Through fun team building activities and gatherings, ServiceCore can continue to work as a team to create the best software in the liquid waste and roll-off rental industry.

Check out our website to find out more about the ServiceCore team and our other team building experiences.

ServiceCore Holiday Party

Our (second) ServiceCore holiday party was hosted at 240 Union.