ServiceCore Offline Mobile App – Available Now!

You can read this blog right now because you’re online, right? But what if you aren’t online? Can you still efficiently work and run your business?

The ServiceCore mobile app now offers an offline mode for iOS and Android devices. The offline version will help technicians easily view and complete jobs while in the field. Because most field service jobs are in remote locations with little to no WiFi/service, it’s useful to have a software app that can work offline.

In this blog, we’ll help you better understand how to use our offline mobile app. Before you use the app, it’s important to read the best practices and steps to prevent data loss. If you have any questions about offline mode or our software, feel free to reach out the ServiceCore support team.

ServiceCore Offline Mobile App

In order to use the offline mobile app, just open the ServiceCore app on your phone or tablet once you’re offline. Follow the best practices/measures below to ensure all of your data and jobs are secure and kept up-to-date.

How to Use Offline Mode:

  1. Download all jobs for the day before you enter offline mode.
  2. As soon as data, service or WiFi is available, the driver will be prompted to sync.
  3. Remember to always sync at the end of the day once all jobs are complete.

Best Practices:

  • Offline mode is for the app only, not the web.
  • Drivers must download all of their jobs for the day before they go offline.
  • The app will only work for the current day, so make sure to sync once jobs are complete.
  • Any driver job updates will overwrite back office changes.
  • There are no alerts when a job is edited or the job order is changed in the back office. (Coming Soon)
  • If the app detects online mode, it will prompt you to sync.
  • If there is a conflict, then the user has the option to review and edit or disregard their changes.

Download the ServiceCore Mobile App

The ServiceCore mobile app has currently been installed by 360+ users since it was launched a few months ago. Don’t miss out on the essential mobile app features that can help you better run your business. Plus we created the offline version because it’s important keep working, even when you’re signal doesn’t.

Download the app today on your mobile device:

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