Feature Release: Custom Job Types & Site Types

ServiceCore just released two new features — custom job types and custom site types. We decided to release these features to help our customers easily create a site or job type that is specific to their business.

In this blog, we will help ServiceCore users better understand how these new features work. Through screenshots and step by step directions, we work to make things as simple as possible for our customers to use the latest ServiceCore features.

How to Use Custom Site Types

Now you can easily create custom site types. Just go to “Settings”, click on “Custom Fields” then go to the “Site” tab.

custom site types

The existing site types are Residential, Commercial and Government. However, they can be deactivated at any time.

site types

To create a new site type, just enter the name you would like to use. You can enter as many different sites as you’d like. 

custom site types feature

Because the sites are your service locations, you can now define your service areas or markets specifically to your company’s needs. Then your site types will be associated to a job, and later to an invoice.

How to Use Custom Job Types

Now you can easily create custom job types. Just go to “Settings”, click on “Custom Fields” then go to the “Job” tab.

custom job types

Creating a new job type is easy, all you have to do is create the name for your new job type (e.g. plumbing). Then you’ll just need to determine if the job will use your inventory and how the inventory will be used. 

job types

The default job types are Rental-Delivery, Rental-Service and Rental-Pickup. They can not be edited or deactivated. However, all other job types can be edited, deactivated and deleted if they’re not used on a job.

deactivate job types

If you find your custom job type missing, then it’s because any non-rental job can now relate to system types. To get it back, simply go to the “Settings” and define your own type of job.

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