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Feature Release: Electronic Signature for Jobs

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ServiceCore is excited to announce the release of our new feature, Electronic Signature for Jobs. This feature will allow your customers to easily sign off on work orders through any mobile device. We also added the option to write a disclaimer, which the customer can review and agree to before they sign.

How to Add an Electronic Signature On Jobs

DisclamerSignatureTo add a disclaimer, you can write one on the service ticket. In order to add an electronic signature to your job, pull up the ServiceCore mobile app on your phone or tablet. Then go into the job and click Mark as Done. From there, you can show the customer the disclaimer and they can use their finger to sign off on the job.

Once the customer clicks save on their signature, it will automatically capture the date, time and GPS location for your record. This will make life a lot easier for you and the customer, cutting costs and saving time. To view your customer’s signature on your mobile phone or computer, you can look at the completed job or print the service ticket.

Benefits of Electronic Signatures

Save Time & Cut Costs

Through this quick and easy solution, you’ll no longer have to wait on organizing paperwork or filing documents once they’ve been signed. Everything you need will be safely secured in ServiceCore. Also because everything will be digital, you can save money on ink, paper, printing, scanning and other services.

Improve Efficiency

When you allow customers the option to sign electronically, you can improve the efficiency, reliability and accuracy of your work orders. It also helps you track and finalize your work order documents. Not to mention, by having a faster workflow you can increase your customer satisfaction rate and move on to the next job faster.

Secure Data

An electronic signature allows you to offer a more secure and authentic way to capture your customer’s approval on jobs. The signature will be captured along with the time, date and GPS location, making it more accurate and lowering the chance of duplication or alteration to the document.

Legal Validity

Easily legalize and store any work or billing agreements between you and your customer. You’ll also be able to avoid any misunderstandings regarding the terms and conditions of a work order through the disclaimer. Plus when you have the time stamp on each signature, you will be able to track and archive the documents easily, which will simplify audit and compliance.

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