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The Servicecore mobile app is now available for all Apple and Android products. The app makes it easy to access your technician account on the go, which allows your technician to take better better notes on a job site, and quickly check customer, schedule, and accounting information.

If you’re ready to take your business operations to the next level, then download the app today! Plus we will continue to develop new features and update the app so you have the latest version of ServiceCore at all times.

ServiceCore Mobile App Features

The ServiceCore mobile app will help you run your business operations more effectively and efficiently. We are continuously updating our app with cool new features. The current features your technicians can take advantage of right away are as followed.

Share Job Details

Right now your technician can access every job from their smartphone or tablet, so your technicians no longer have to take notes on paper in the field or print out paperwork. They just update the job notes section in the app and instantly share important information with your whole team.

Technician Tracking

Your technician will be able to view the day, week, or month to easily track their jobs. The app can also track the amount of time your technician spent at each job site, along with all of the important job details (i.e. the customer info, address, job type, etc.).

Upload Photos (Coming Soon: Feb. 2018)

Your technicians can upload and share photos from the job site easily. Photos are useful if the technician needs to visually explain where a septic tank lid, system, or leach field is located. Your technicians can also send photos if there are complications or essential visual details for the job.

Create Invoices & Get Paid (Coming Soon: March 2018)

Your technicians can easily create invoices and take payments while they are in the field. This is useful if your technician needs to perform additional work due to complications or issues. Your company will be paid immediately, which will eliminate the invoicing and collection process.

GPS Tracking (Coming Soon: March 2018)

Use GPS tracking so you always know where your technicians are located. That way you can ensure they remain on schedule for each job and if there are any issues you’ll know which job they’re at and how to get ahold of them.

Work Offline (Coming Soon: TBD)

Technicians can access their ServiceCore account anywhere, anytime with the offline feature. Then if they are are serving a job that is out of service area, they can still use the app to track job details, locations, and more.

Get the ServiceCore Mobile App

Download the app for FREE on your Apple device.

Download the app for FREE on your Android device.

Find Out More

Find us at the WWETT Show (Booth #6304) or the PSAI Show (Booth #301) to learn more about the ServiceCore mobile app and our revolutionary software. The WWETT Show is Feb. 22-24 in Indianapolis, IN and if you haven’t bought your tickets yet, we’re offering discounted tickets! The PSAI Show is March 21-24 in Portland, OR.

If you’d like to see all the features ServiceCore has to offer, book a live demo today!

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