How to Use Alignable for Your Small Business

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You’re already on LinkedIn, right? Have you considered joining Alignable to grow your small business even further?

Alignable is a free social network built to connect local business owners with other professionals within the same industry, business community, or area. Everyone knows small business owners are stronger together rather than apart – that’s why Alignable is currently being used by tens of thousands of businesses throughout the United States.

In this blog, we’ll show you how to use Alignable to maximize your success as a business owner. With a focus on small business networking, guidance, and increasing word-of-mouth awareness, Alignable is a great way to bring in new business and build relationships. Check out the top features that are geared to grow your business.  

How Alignable Leads to a Successful Business

Grow Your Professional Network

Alignable can be used to connect with professionals in your business community, increase referrals, and get answers to all your industry related questions. On Alignable you can message and connect with other business owners to start growing your network one company at a time.

Plus you receive notifications when new businesses open up in your community, so you have the opportunity to welcome them to the area. The key to actually growing your business through Alignable is by looking for authentic business connections then moving those connections from online to in person.

Promote Your Business

The best way to promote your business and services through Alignable is by building up your profile page. On your profile page you can add your company’s overview and even list who your ideal customer is. This helps narrow down your target audience and people looking for the services you can provide.

You can also add photos and info about your products and services, which helps potential partners and customers learn more about what you have to offer. Then under the upcoming events and promotions section, you can share local events your company is hosting or attending to build up your connections within your community.

Give & Get Advice

There’s a forum section on Alignable where business professionals can ask questions to anyone willing to answer. Then all of the responses are ranked by the most liked answers, leaving the best advice at the top. So if you have insightful information, leave a response to someone’s inquiry – nothing says “experienced business owner” like a favorable response.

The forum itself is a useful tool because you can easily find answers to all your business related needs. Plus, you get to see the struggles and solutions of other business owners, helping you decipher what works and what doesn’t for them. Then you can take that information and apply it to your own business tactics, cutting out the dirty work of figuring it out on your own.

Generate Referrals

Alignable is a great way for small business owners to get and give referrals. You can generate word-of-mouth referrals through satisfied customers and business partners online. These referrals can go a long way, because once you become “highly recommendable” you will build your credibility as a company.

Plus recommendations are one of the leading factors to business development and growth. People love taking advice from other companies and people within the industry. If you have satisfied customers then more people will want to work with you and trust in the services you provide.

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  1. Hesitant at first to join another social media platform, I came to find that Alignable offers some very unique and distinctive differences. It seems more genuine and close-knit in comparison to the other wide-reaching networks. You can really focus on building up relationships with business owners within your city.

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